Bryan Mark Taylor’s 4-day Plein Air Painting Workshops are for professional and aspiring artists who want to develop an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of outdoor painting through demonstrations (in oil), lectures, practices, and critiques.  Bryan Mark Taylor painting workshops take place in beautiful, dynamic locations around the country. Choose the location that works best for you.  The workshop will focus the artist on effectively capturing light, atmosphere, and mood in paint while using strong composition and color harmony.


Madeline Island, WI

Madeline Island-Lake Superior, WI July 24-28, 2017

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 NYC, NY Workshop-May 3-6, 2017

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Napa and Sonoma Valley Workshop Sept 30-Oct 3, 2015

Napa and Sonoma Valley Workshop
Oct 5-8, 2016


Client Testimonials


“The workshop I took from Bryan seemed to turn on a switch in me that changed me from an occasional plein air painter to one whose main focus is plein air. I found Bryan to be a wonderful teacher, who clearly explained his painting process, making it easily understandable and accessible. I’ve been following that process in the year since I took his workshop and have experienced a lot of growth in my work. Bryan’s positive and encouraging nature and the generosity with which he shared his knowledge of plein air have been inspiring.”
  -Bruce K.


“Bryan Mark Taylor is not only one of the most talented artist I’ve met, but one of the most talented and very forth coming teachers.   He was always approachable and very engaging in sharing his knowledge.  But what I think that makes Bryan stand out is his genuine enthusiasm in teaching.”
  -Matias S.


“Bryan’s workshops are extremely helpful to painters of all skill levels. He is able to pinpoint his instructions to the needs of each individual as he moves about the group. In particular for myself as a beginning painter, he has really helped me to look at and analyze color and the way it changes in the landscape with distance, shadow, light, etc.”
  -Jan T.


“I have attended several Bryan Mark Taylor workshops and always find him engaging and helpful in my progress as an artist.  His friendly, easy-going manner puts the student at ease.  He handles all levels of skill with honesty, kindness, and poise.   His wealth of knowledge never disappoints and his enthusiasm for art is infectious.  It is my pleasure to spend time with this very talented artist.”
  -Carol C.


“My friend Bryan Mark Taylor is such a great communicator and teacher.  So excited he is coming to teach for Chestnuts!  Join in if you can.  All the info is on the Chestnut website.”
  -Lori P.


“Energetic and passionate, Bryan brings a freshness to his workshops which creates an ideal environment for artistic growth. Artists of all levels will learn from his unique way of teaching.Bryan’s demos are like magic. For the student his quick plein air paintings each morning help to simplify the artistic process. You quickly find yourself painting at a much higher level.Painting with Bryan’s limited palette is a liberating experience which leads to a totally new understanding of color.Perhaps the most important element is Bryan’s ability to help each student “see.” More than simple visualization, Bryan  has a way to help you simplify and break down each scene do that the artist does not get lost in the details.Composition, value and color become clear concepts as the workshop empowers you every day.  A Bryan Mark Taylor workshop will definitely put you on the road toward being the painter you have always wanted to be.”
  -David M.


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