Napa and Sonoma Wine Country Workshop

Join Bryan Mark Taylor for four days in the beautiful Napa and Sonoma wine country. Day-one begins in the historic town of Sonoma with a presentation by Bryan on the inspiration and techniques he uses to produce his award winning paintings. Following the lecture, Bryan completes a demonstration on effective treatment of buildings, cars and linear perspective and simplifying busy town scenes by breaking them down into basic value shapes.  The rest of the day students explore compositional ideas by painting quick value studies.

Day-two takes place in a rural location  in Sonoma County farm country. Bryan begins with a plein air demonstration focusing on how to select and compose a scene, capture light and mood, and address atmospheric perspective in a landscape painting. Following the demo, workshop participants are individually instructed as they select a composition and paint quick studies while observing the light and atmosphere changes taking place throughout the day.

Day-three takes place at a location overlooking the vineyards of the Napa Valley Wine country. Bryan begins with a plein air demonstration focusing on composing a vineyard landscape with distinct fore, mid and background elements. This demo includes a discussion of how to develop a strong composition and focal point while capturing an accurate sense of light and atmosphere. The rest of the day, workshop participants select a subject to paint and work on the principles discussed.  Bryan provides individual instruction during this segment.

Day-four takes place at a winery in Napa Valley and begins with a plein air demonstration focusing on form, edges and brushwork. This demo includes developing appropriate detail and making various elements work together for a more refined painting. Following the demo, workshop participants  paint a subject of their choice while working on the principles taught throughout the workshop. The final day wraps up with a short lecture and critique.explore-wine-country-hero

14 thoughts on “Napa and Sonoma Wine Country Workshop

  1. I so admire Bryan’s work. Saw him demonstrate in Napa last summer and learned so much – a friend bought the painting. Would be very interested in learning more about this workshop and how to sign up. I am a plein air painter and want to get better! Please keep me posted!

  2. Hi Bryan…I would like to sign up for your Napa/Sonoma workshop Sept 30. Please advise how to proceed. You may remember me from a workshop in Scottsdale…you had to pull catus thorns out of my leg when i got hit by a jumping cholla catus!

  3. Is there still space in the Sonoma/Napa workshop and what is the cost? . In any event, please sign me up to receive your newsletters and notifications of upcoming workshops in California.

    Many thanks, and so enjoy your paintings.

    Lenona Winter

  4. Hi Bryan
    I am leaving in June for a 2 week drawing/paintiing workshop in Umbria.!

    But I am interested in your Napa Sonoma workshop in October – how much does it cost?
    Is it 4 days?

    Barbara Noble

  5. Please put me on a workshop mailing list. I especially would like to do the san francisco workshop but cannot as I just returned from the convention. Can you send me the price for the Napa workshop and places to stay?
    Thank you.
    Donna Raven

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